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Scratching Unveils Captivating New Track ‘Peter’

Perth’s Grace Sanders and her creative collaborator Ezekiel Padmanabham are embarking on an exciting new journey with their latest release, the single ‘Peter,’ which marks the debut of their fresh musical project, Scratching. In Peter, the duo skillfully melds folk, pop, and electronic influences, showcasing their remarkable ability to transcend musical boundaries.

Scratching represents a rejuvenation of both Sanders and Padmanabham’s live shows and studio recordings, marked by a refreshing sense of exploration and a contagious, whimsical energy.  Peter is a mesmerising composition that encapsulates a dreamy essence, seamlessly blending electronic, folk, and pop elements. Embellished with a delicate interplay of piano, acoustic guitar, ethereal synths, and gospel-inspired chord progressions, ‘Peter’ offers a spellbinding and elegant auditory journey. The song radiates a melancholic yet soothing ambience, guided by Sanders’ poised vocals, which transport listeners far from the earthly realm of the instrumental arrangement.

The track finds its muse in the enduring narrative of Peter Pan, delving into the yearning for perpetual youth and the carefree innocence it represents. Peter acts as a heartfelt nudge to wholeheartedly embrace every aspect of one’s being, whether light or shadow, with unwavering love and complete acceptance.

“This song was initially written as a poem and was inspired by old soundtracks from musicals such as The Sound of Music and the woeful crooning of singers such as Doris Day, Skeeter Davis and the Mellowmen. We wanted to create something floaty and dreamlike that referenced that feeling of dissociation within the naive optimism of music from the 50s/60s. The song later became much more influenced by artists such as Lana del Rey and Beach House as we put our modern spin to those initial references and discovered how the story wanted to be told.” – Grace Sanders, Scratching.

Scratching invites us on a musical odyssey that resonates with timeless themes and evokes a profound sense of self-discovery and acceptance. Peter is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro