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Sea Animals In Seattle Return With Dynamic New Single, ‘The U.S.O Show feat. Skaw 7’

Eora/Sydney-based collective Sea Animals In Seattle have returned with their searing new track ‘The U.S.O. Show‘ feat. SKAW 7 – produced and mixed by the collective.

‘The U.S.O. Show’ pulsates with eerie arpeggiated synths, crafting an enigmatic atmosphere, as it smoothly shifts into SKAW 7’s rapid, gritty rap verses. The sharp lyrical delivery cuts through an eclectic fusion of diverse rhythms and instruments, interlaced with unconventional sounds. As the beat intensifies, samples amalgamate and forge a distinct blend of techno and hip-hop influences.

The collective talk about the creation behind ‘The U.S.O. Show’ feat. SKAW 7:

“The theme is our DIY ethic and how we’ve done everything ourselves with our own resources. We produced and recorded everything at our home studio which we call ‘Sea World’.  Our band is more a collective of producers who get together to come up with song ideas together. The feature artist on the track is our mate who we met at the pub a few years ago.”

‘The U.S.O. Show’ feat. SKAW 7 is available worldwide now

Written by John Zebra