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Sea Girls Share 5 Inspirations Behind New Album Midnight Butterflies

Sea Girls have unveiled their latest album, Midnight Butterflies, a vibrant collection of twelve tracks that epitomise melodic joy and pop excellence. This record showcases a band at the height of their powers, brimming with confidence and creative renewal. Each song reflects a clear artistic vision, building on the foundation laid by their previous two albums. With this release, Sea Girls are poised to make a significant impact, marking 2024 as their breakout year. To celebrate the release, Sea Girls have shared with us their 5 inspirations behind the new album.

Pop music – With some of the tracks on this album, we wondered what our ‘Sea Girls’ sound would do when filtered through the minds of more pop-leaning producers. We absolutely loved working with the Nocturns. Their work with Mimi Webb is so good, and they definitely brought out the best in Come Back To Me and Weekends and Workdays. Like Sea Girls, but even more Sea Girls somehow. A song like Does Only God Know That We’re Lonely flips some of the elements we’re known for but still creates a song that feels like us with a nice little twist.

Lana Del Rey – We’re always partial to a piano ballad here at Sea Girls,s but it feels like Scream and Shout is the closest to the People’s Princess we’ve ever flown. The way she can throw out devastating lines so casually is a big influence on our softer songs, and we’re always striving for simple ways to connect with people. The song is just piano with a few subtle synths, which makes it more arresting in its simplicity.

Big indie tunes – This one is no surprise if you already know us! We grew up on a diet of The Killers, Kings of Leon and Bloc Party, and it definitely shows. Rather than wring our hands on what types of songs we needed to put on the album, we just went with energy wherever we could. Songs like I Want You To Know Me and Come Back to Me have so much life crackling through them. We strive to capture that rush of live rock music, and I think these are some of our finest examples to date!

Life – Our songs are usually rooted in lived experiences and… artfully exaggerated versions of those. Everyone’s met a cool person like Polly who’s a little out of their league, so many keep their battles private, like in Does Only God Know That We’re Lonely. A song like Weekends and Workdays is picking up that drudgery that everyone feels at some time in their life and explores the consequences of trying to escape that. I Want You To Know Me is about aspirations and following your dreams in a world that so often tells you to give up. Then we have a song like First On My List, which is just a great song about having a great time. Hopefully, there’s a fairly full spectrum of experiences on this album; we try to pull from every aspect of life’s ups and downs in our songs.

Our Fans – Ultimately, the reason we’re here is down to our amazing fans. They inspire us to keep doing this and allow us to share our vision with the world. We hope that some of the songs about life’s struggles can be a little bit of comfort for people in times of need. Does Only God Know That We’re Lonely is inspired by the messages we receive from fans telling us our music has helped them through tough times. We play music because we love it, but if it helps people in even a small way, then it makes the journey even more special. We feel like we’ve fostered such a great and inclusive community around these 3 albums, and it’s such a privilege to be able to do what we love for such great people!

Written by John Zebra