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Go Behind The Scenes With Matt Gresham In His Uplifting Track ‘Survive On Love’


Western Australian singer-songwriter Matt Gresham has released an vibrant new video for his latest heart-warming ballad, Survive On Love.

Colourful and sweet but undoubtedly powerful, the track focuses on Gresham’s passion to ensure love remains in our world, which he sees as currently plagued with war and anger. Driven by acoustic guitar and chiming electronics, the track builds with Gresham’s powerful balladic voice and dances around your ears with the sweetest tambourine melody.

Filmed in the side streets and back alleys of Germany, the Survive On Love video follows a group of passionate advocates as they protest against authorities, not with violence, but with flowers, colourful banners, and streamers. The officers’ glares and blockade soon fade to smiles, and their armour is lowered.

In an behind the scenes video, Gresham takes us on a tour of the production and the importance behind his inspirational song. Check out both of the videos below!