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Seekae’s New Track “Turbine Blue” Is Pure Sonic Honey


Seekae have dropped their first new track since 2014 with their confessionary love song Turbine Blue, exploring new musical territory and delivering some quality electronic tunes.

The song starts off with airy vocals and ethereal synthesisers, creating a super chilled-out vibe with the electronic melodies and slow beat making a very relaxing combination. The rhythms are definitely the focus in the track and the vocals often fade slightly into the background.

Turbine Blue is a melancholic track full of dream-like soundscapes that’ll leave you with slight feelings of isolation, due to the production sounding so dreamy!

The song was composed and recorded in Berlin in the early stages of winter. Apparently, the vocals were recorded after eating microwaved pizza at a petrol station and carried back to the studio through the rain!

The band say the song represents the cyclical nature of love, giving the sense of bliss and agony simultaneously and striving to stay positive in the face of loneliness. If you’ve been missing the sweet electronic tunes of Seekae, check out Turbine Blue below!