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Seth MacFarlane And Jimmy Fallon’s “The Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers” Band Debut


These days anyone may form a musical duo, seems like you really don’t need much for this…So, Seth MacFarlane, the one that came up with Family Guy, had joined Jimmy Fallon in harmonic melodies of piano and vocals in a band with a loud and long name “The Yahoo! Answers Lounge Singers”. They sang out loud every single ridiculous Yahoo post you could’ve ever imagined…

The best part of this is that all answers are super real and none of them were written on-purpose. Seth and Jimmy had actually looked up the most hilarious questions and answers on Yahoo, and they certainly make you question humanity’s sanity.

But hey, on the other hand, it is really really really important to know what to do, when you are really really really really really sad and the approximate time of Havaii-to-Japan trip…using jet ski.