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Shady Bliss Drop Their New Single “Dirty Brain”


Brisbane locals Shady Bliss have dropped their latest and greatest since their last release, Deluge, from August last year. Forming in 2011, the psych-rock outfit started to gain the love and attention of Brisbane and beyond with their debut EP “Ocean Screams” released in 2013. They’ve developed over the few years and now deliver a sound mashed somewhere between Angus and Julia Stone, and Lurch and Chief.

Entering with angelic harmonies, the new single Dirty Brain takes you on a mushroom loaded journey through airy guitar chords and cruisy drums. The psychedelic jam is carried by the weight of harmonies as Morgan (vocals/guitar) and Chrissa (vocals/keys) sing the melody in unison throughout most of the song. Dirty Brain is soon stolen by a thunderous amount of drums and thudding bass line that drive the song into a spiraling acid drop of a psych hit.

Shady Bliss played their last show with their bassist, Ari on Saturday 28th June at Trainspotters. The locals look to the next leg of their career with more music to come!