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Shakafest Q & A: Jurassic Nark

Jurassic Nark

“Sh*t hot, sh*t rock” is how Melbourne band Jurrasic Nark describe themselves. While we can’t agree on their assessment on the quality of their rock, we can certainly tell you that these boys are hot to trot. We didn’t want to “be gronks and disappoint our mums” so we asked the band about their skate experience ahead of the inaugural Shakafest!

When’s the best time to throw a shaka?

I really only chuck a shaka when I’m maggot and one of the other boys is maggot too. If you walk in on someone booting at a party or at the pub, and you make eye contact, usually with one eye already closed up shop for the night, you chuck ’em a shaka.

When’s the worst time to throw a shaka?

Any photo that’s destined for social media, you can’t have all the d*ckheads from high school thinking you’re still doing the same shit that you did in 2009.

Apart from shaka-ing, how do you express you’re having a good time?

That depends what time of night it is, if it’s something cooked like 2am, I’ll probably start dancing like the gopher from Caddy Shack and try to wink at my mates. That’s about all I can muster up when I’m cooked.

If you were responsible for setting the dress code for Shakafest 2016 what would you make mandatory and what’s prohibited?

Sh*t, um, those black felt hats, f*ck them off, same with TN’s and muscle singlets. Basically if some gronk is dressed like a stereo gimp they can get stuffed! I’d make leather skirts or shorts mandatory, I froth em, and Hawaiian shirts, standard attire for good weather.

On a scale of zero to Tony Hawk, what is your skateboarding ability?

I’m like when you let your little cousin play Pro Skater and he doesn’t understand what the hell a Playstation controller does. Nah actually I’m not that shit, I just don’t like the fact I don’t have handlebars. I rode BMX as a kid, so its all a bit alien to me.

If you had to make a new skateboarding trick what would it be and what would you call it?

I don’t know about a new skateboard trick, you know on bikes they do something called a nothing, where you’re hands and feet come off the bike, so that sort of thing, but twist your arms up or some sh*t and get back on. Call it a squid, squids are hectic.

For the uninitiated, how do you describe your band’s sound and live show?

Someone once said we’re like The Kinks on speed, so like I don’t know, we listen to a lot of Motorhead and AC/DC, but also heaps of Cold Chisel and CCR, so I suppose we’re just fast, loud rock. I don’t like getting too into sub-genres, it gets heaps complicated and a bit wanky sometimes.

Why should punters at Shakafest 2016 check you out?

I got kicked out of Howler last year during Drunk Mums set when we played with them, that’s pretty rock and roll. Nah but seriously, We missed the Goldy on our tour last month, and there were some skitz adventures had that time round, us and the Lunatics on Pogosticks boys acting like we’re in Almost Famous or some shit.  Should be a mad time up north again, weather will be a bit warmer, and beers will go down easier.

What are three things people should know about your band?

Declan lived in a tin shed for 8 months, before it got too cold this winter. Wilson’s heaps vintage amp costs more than Andy’s Nissan Nomad, and I used to study Middle Eastern History and Creative Writing at uni.

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to about Shakafest 2016?

I know Dec is frothing for Draft, he’s form Perth, and apparently the only success story’s out of Perth are Draft and Gina Rinehart.

Shakafest 2016

Miami Tavern Car Park, Gold Coast

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Written by Max Higgins