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Shakafest Q & A: The Realist

The Realist Shakafest

Young, innovative, energetic, and full of style, The Realist has got it going on! The monkier of 21-year-old Gold Coast native Shayne Phie, he’s making his mark in the street scene with complicated lyrics and appealing rhythms. We asked the young emcee about chuckin’ shakas ahead of his set at the inaugural Shakafest festival.

When’s the best time to chuck a shaka? 

When you see an idiot homie of yours! Because well your just stoked to see them! Sometimes not but, throw ‘em on anyway.

Worst time to throw a Shaka? 

In court, because them suckers just can’t have a laugh.

Apart from shaka-ing, how do you express yourself?

We drink sleep skate rap repeat its kinda like if you’ve been trying to get a job somewhere and all your friends are working there and you have a job Interview and you land the job! That feeling of excitement is like landing the trick you’ve always wanted to be able to do it! It’s a sense of completion and in the end a smile and a Shaka from your homie who just watched you land it is all we need

If you were calling the shots on the dress code at Shakafest 2016 what would be prohibited?

No bum bags. Period. Anything else is totally fine! The weirder the better!

On a scale of One – Tony Hawk, what’s your skateboarding ability?

How do I even answer this? I’d be a solid Five because I can do a kick flip and Tony didn’t get no woman with pop shuvits now did he…

If you could create a skateboarding trick what would you name it?

Man, heck I’d give it the most ridiculous name! Like the Norris Chuckashakka, Because there’s a subliminal legend in the name and probably only he could do it.

How do you describe your sound and live shows?

Well at my first gig I didn’t do sound check at all and just winged it with my laptop! Probably sounded shocking but had people the venue beaming and had fun! I love rap! My homie gave me three beats to start of with, ever since I kinda just been re producing bangers from the past and trying to find a comfortable producer to work with! My music is feel-good but point pushing…

Why should punters at Shakafest check you out?

Well I’ve never been big headed but I’m excited to bring forth some quality hip hop for the heads of Shakafest! My verses hold meaning heart anger and sneaky puns (laughs), either way just enjoy yourselves!

What are three things people should know about you?

Geez we getting deep!! I sometimes swear a lot all the time but of course like everything there’s a time and place. I have three permanent broken knuckles in my right hand. And I slept in my mum’s bed till I was like 10…

Lastly, what are you most looking forward to at Shakafest 2016?

Potentially meeting Drapht the Spit Syndicate boys. I’ve listened to Drapht for years and years, back when he used to lay tracks with Mantra…another OG Aussie rapper!

Shakafest 2016

Miami Tavern Car Park, Gold Coast

Get Tickets HERE

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