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Shannon Smith Brings the Feel Good Vibes with New Single, ‘Every Single Day’

Shannon Smith is set to charm listeners with his latest single, Every Single Day. The Western Australian alt-country artist is known for blending genres to create warm, feel-good tunes, and his newest release is no exception.

Every Single Day is a delightful mix of pop-folk and alt-country, featuring playful piano, groovy bass, and relaxed horns. The song’s heartwarming duet vocals bring an added layer of coziness, making it perfect for those moments when you just want to feel wrapped in musical comfort.

Smith, who has already made waves globally, collaborating with the Grammy-nominated McCrary Sisters and earning accolades from the Euro Music Video Awards and the European Cinefest Golden Nika Awards, continues to build on his impressive resume. His debut single, Dance The Night Away, topped the AIR charts and enjoyed a lengthy stay on the AMRAP Charts, showcasing his knack for creating catchy, memorable music.

In Every Single Day, Shannon Smith captures the everyday magic of love, celebrating its resilience and beauty, even through life’s ups and downs. As Smith reflects, ‘This song celebrates the resilience and beauty of love – warts and all. I wanted to capture the vibrant and uplifting essence of what it means to be in love every single day.’

Prepare to be swept away by Shannon Smith’s latest release, a song that perfectly encapsulates the joys and challenges of love, wrapped in a soothing, melodic embrace. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra