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Shelley Segal Curdles The Heartstrings With Her Latest Release, ‘Mother’

Melbourne singer-songwriter Shelley Segal has today revealed her new single Mother just in time for mothers day. The heartwarming new single comes with an equally warm video to celebrate the release.

Showcasing Shelley’s many talents, Mother features extensive use of rich strings and horns and combines it all into a pure piece of songwriting. This one is sure to curdle your heartstrings. The tune is a reflection of her relationship with her own mother and how she has developed into a similar person.

The start of the song came to me when I walked past my bedroom mirror. I caught my reflection in the corner of my eye and my first thought for a split second was that it was my mum. I’m not sure what it’s like for everybody else, but for me – some days I see myself and my body and I feel great, other days I may have negative thoughts or focus on things that I don’t like rather than see the whole image. When I thought for a microsecond that it was my mum who I was seeing, I realised how differently I viewed the image and how external some of those negative thoughts must be because when the same image is projected in my mind as her, I saw and experienced something completely different.

“Now in my mid-30s I’m finally starting to see and appreciate the ways in which I am truly like my mother,” Shelley continues. “In character, in my looks and my body, in the way I laugh, my personality. All these qualities I am now able to appreciate in myself through this new lens because I appreciate them in her. I would never accept those hateful messages if they were directed at her. So, I have reached a point in life where I am immune to these harmful ideas. I will no longer accept, absorb, or give power to these messages when directed at myself since I now see her in me. Her beauty is undeniable, and carrying her beauty myself, means that my beauty is undeniable as well.” – Shelley Segal.

A truly moving piece of music, this one sees Segal shine at her brightest. Mother is available now everywhere.


Written by John Zebra