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Sheph.ART & Barry Saleh Share Studio Diary

Smooth movers, Sheph.ART & Barry Saleh have recently revealed their lush hip hop track, Action. It’s two and a half minutes of smooth flow and dynamic production. It’s a cool and calm beat with lyrical fire. Today we’re taken into the studio with Sheph.ART and Barry Saleh as they share with us the studio diary of the making of Action.


When Sheph.ART first records on the mic, he likes to experiment with his delivery through multiple takes and styles in order to get the best version.


Barry Saleh gets ready to record his vocals on the mic whilst Sheph.ART adjusts the levels.


Sheph.ART and Barry Saleh mixing and mastering the vocals over a period of time using different sources of speakers in order to get the best output.


Sheph.ART and Barry Saleh choosing Action as their debut single and listening to it one last time before sending it off for distribution!

Steph.ART & Barry Saleh’s new single, Action is available now, everywhere.


Written by John Zebra