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Sig Sali and Natassa Zoë Craft an Unforgettable Sonic Tapestry in New Single, ‘Pillow Thoughts’

Collaborating seamlessly, the indie alt-pop sensation Sig Sali, joins forces with the talented Natassa Zoë to unleash their latest earworm, ‘Pillow Thoughts.’ This dynamic composition follows closely on the heels of their 2023 hit, ‘Reason.’ From the very first listen, ‘Pillow Thoughts’ ensnares your senses with its irresistible hooks and compelling vocal performance, leaving an indelible mark in your mind. This track narrates the story of the dedication and challenges often intertwined with relationships, delivering a compelling musical narrative from start to finish.

“Pillow Thoughts reflects a push and pull dynamic that can sometimes unfold in a relationship.”  – Natassa Zoë.

To celebrate the release Sig Sali and Natassa Zoë have shared with us their top 5 local artists that need to be on your radar.

Sig Sali:

Conal Kelly

Fun and dreamy bedroom pop. This guy is too talented.


Awesome folk singer-songwriter, beautiful story teller.

Emily Breeze

Quality lyricist. “The love child of PJ Harvey and Johnny Cash” said The Sunday Times. Love it.


Bobby is another brilliant Bristol songwriter with an unbelievable voice. One of my favourites from him is called Who Wants To Be An American – big tune!

Prince Jitter

One of the best guitarists in the city who also co-produces a lot of SIG SALI stuff. Big shout out to T!

Nastassa Zoë

Annie Hamilton 

Go see this girl live and you’ll be taken on a little journey, which probably involves bats. I love the intricate detail and care that Annie puts into her performance, mostly her costumes (after the music of course). Annie’s sound is super reminiscent for me growing up in Bristol, it has the feeling of the indie, underground scene there.


I had the privilege to watch Clews a few times and also tour with them when I was playing guitar for Hayley Mary supporting Holy Holy. Their vocals and harmonies are so powerful, the energy they bring on stage is awesome and I just love their openness, I admire how they take that on the stage in front of thousands of people and just have fun.

Apricot Ink 

I saw them at Mary’s Underground a while back and they were so good. Great performers and awesome sound happening.

Sputnik Sweetheart 

I met Sputnik Sweetheart through a producer friend of mine and just love the vibe, we have mutual respect for Wolf Alice so I knew I’d be into their sound.


My band Dande and The Lion played with Miramar a couple of times and every time they just keep getting better and better. They’re super tight and super fun. Go watch them, that’s all I have to say about that.

Sig Sali have made their claim on the alt-pop space, Pillow Thoughts is a captivating listen that resonates long after the final note. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro