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SILLARS Brings The Late Night Energy On His Latest EP, ‘Chrysalis’

Gold Coast producer/DJ SILLARS recently unveiled his dynamic and adventure filled three track EP, Chrysalis. It follows on from his previous releases, Anaphylaxis and Nacht. When not living the day life of a Marine Scientist, SILLARS can be found pumping out vinyl DJ sets around the GC’s finest venues.

Chrysalis is a moody body of work that truly takes the listener on a journey of unique late night, dance floor sounds. The opening track of the same name is a sophisticated piece that pulses through some minimal notions but upholds a solid trend of energy throughout. The following tracks, Vava and The Cloud continue on this vibe but add a twinkle of acid house mixed with that sweet techno throbbing tone. This EP is best served well into the late night.

“Whether it be the Erhu sampled worldly breakdown in Vava or the children’s choir in The Cloud, they may be written for the dance floor, but for me they certainly transcend this space. “ – SILLARS 

Chrysalis is the real deal in late night techno vibes, it ticks every box. It’s mature delivery will be a huge vibe at a late night rave. It’s available now, everywhere via our good pals at After Midnight Sounds.

Written by Chris Lamaro