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Sillars Teams Up With Luther For Acid Fuelled EP, ‘Jingeri’

Gold Coast producer/DJ Sillars recently teamed up with Luther for the hip-shaking EP, Jingeri. The release comes straight from the heart, through an acid bass sequencer and into your ears, the result being a deep couple of tracks that will resonate with any music lover.

The collaboration came about when Sillars took his young family to check out the local Aboriginal Culture Show and he instantly took a connection to the performances he was watching from Luther and knew at that moment he had to connect make music with him.

“It all started as we took our 1 year old son for a little family outing to our local, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. As we sat down to watch the afternoon ‘Aboriginal Culture Show’, I decided to field record the performance. Straight away I was blown away by Luthers’ rich and soulful voice. Luther is a proud Yugambeh man, who strives to bond all Australians through song, dance and art. “The Aboriginal culture – the histories, the stories – they belong to this land and so if you are Australian, they belong to you too”, he says. A few weeks later ‘Jingeri’ (meaning “welcome”) was made through the alchemy of Luthers’ samples and my hardware. I then approached Luther to show him ‘Jingeri’ and to see if he would be interested in collaborating. I was delighted when I could see his enthusiasm for the project and we locked in a studio session. From what was a short, but super productive 2hr session, birthed ‘Nunya’, the B Side on the EP. The traditional Yugambeh lyrics “Nunya mulla, nunya bayami” mean “Thanks creator, thanks to those around me”. 

The EP titled ‘Jingeri’ was done, all that was left was the artwork and who better to visually represent this body of work than Luther himself. He designed this beautiful traditional artwork, which he calls ‘3 Brothers’. In Luthers’ words, “3 Brothers represents me, my 2 brothers, our families and our continuing connection to country and culture”.  – SILLARS.

Sillars and Luther have made some wonderful magic on this ep. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by John Zebra