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Sinister and Unnerving: The Last Shadow Puppets are back!

The Last Shadow Puppets

After 7 years of silence, The Last Shadow Puppets have finally gifted us new music in the form of sinister single Bad Habits, the lead track off their upcoming album ‘Everything You’ve Come to Expect’.

Bad Habits has an eerie feeling to it, like you’re walking through a haunted house and something could jump out at you at any moment. It’s like a combination of the theatrical sounds that we heard on ‘The Age of the Understatement’ mashed with Arctic Monkeys circa ‘Humbug’ era.

It’s easy to forget about the existence of The Last Shadow Puppets when Alex Turner and Miles Kane both have such strong careers separate from each other. 

Which is why it is disappointing that where the song makes up music, it falls down in lyrical content. Both Turner and Kane have the ability to create beautiful words that collectively fall together so elegantly, Bad Habits feels like slam poetry in comparison.

Miles Kane was last here for Falls and Southbound festival in 2012, while Alex Turner was here on the Arctic Monkey’s AM tour in 2013.

The Last Shadow Puppets are due to play Coachella and Primavera festival this year, fingers crossed the new album leads to a tour down under (Splendour anyone?)

‘Everything You’ve Come To Expect’ is due out April 1st this year.