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Skegss Unleash Drugged Out New Single “My Face”


Byron Bay 3-piece Skegss have had one hell of a past year! As the first band co-signed to DUNE RATS’ label Ratbag Records, Skegss released their debut EP ’50 Push Ups For A Dollar’ last year, and are set to bring more hallucinogenic vibes with their new single My Face.

My Face is the first single released ahead of the band’s sophomore EP ‘Everyone Is Good At Something’. With its jangly surf-punk riffs and hazy vibes, My Face sounds as if it has arrived six months early for Summer.

Lead singer Ben Ben Bograil’s cigarette-stained vocals bring with them a sense of familiarity, while drummer Johnny Layback’s Ramones-esque fills are sure to get stoners everywhere pogoing like mad.

My Face is the sort of drugged-up three-chord ditty that will stick in the back of your head for days and pop up when you least expect it. Simply put, the song will make both DUNE RATS and FIDLAR fans feel right at home.

Skegss sophomore EP ‘Everyone Is Good At Something’ is set for release Friday 15th of July.