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Skunkhour Perform One-Night-Only Show


Australian funk legends Skunkhour will be returning to Sydney on Saturday 30th April to treat us with an exclusive, one-night-only peek into the sexy world of stylish beats.  For the first time ever, the band will be performing a track-by-track playlist from their 1993 debut, self-titled album, followed by a selection of their greatest hits.  Skunkhour’s debut album is loaded with a variety of different musical styles ranging from funk and hip-hop to hard-core and up-tempo.  The plethora of genres Skunkhour has experimented with has attributed to their unique and unforgettable sound and has skyrocketed their career.

Skunkhour has shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music: INXS, Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, Ice Cube and Jamiroquai — just to name a few.  Performing at all of the major Australian music festivals throughout the 90s such as Big Day Out, Homebake, Byron Bay Festival, and Livid, along with touring extensively through the UK and Europe, Skunkhour has generated a massive following of devoted fans over the past two decades.

Their unique Australian rapping style was unprecedented back in 1993, and Skunkhour’s smooth funky beats and raw grooves are still captivating for fans today.

Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see a group of Australian funk pioneers!

Skunkhour Show 


Metro, Sydney

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