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While She Sleeps Let It Burn With Fresh Single “Civil Isolation”

While She Sleeps Promo

English metalcore mainstays While She Sleeps are back with a powerhouse single, titled Civil Isolation. As the first taste anyone has gotten of the band since 2015’s stellar effort “Brainwashed”, the single is a by-the-numbers While She Sleeps track that hits all the right strokes and leaves fans wanting more, in the best kind of way.

Kicking off with a drum and vocal refrain before slamming into one of the band’s jammiest riffs to date, the song wastes no time blasting through the first verse and into a chorus that is begging people to sing along with. Bouncing from punk beats and screeching guitar licks to suspended dissonance and harsh bellows, courtesy of frontman Lawrence Taylor, the song just about nails every cliché the genre has. However, the song never feels cheap or derivative. The breakdowns are tough, the riffs are catchy, and the vocals needle their way into the listener’s brain and take up residence for long after the song has finished.

Make no mistake, the vocal hook “And I’m running on empty/I’m running on empty/Running myself into the ground” will be screamed loud and proud from fans everywhere the next time While She Sleeps hit the road.

Alongside the single is a simple lyric video that displays the song’s lyrics, subtitle style, against a backdrop of the band facing away from the camera watching a gradually burning city skyline (thanks to some questionable visual fx).

While She Sleeps gained worldwide praise with albums “This is the Six” and “Brainwashed”, released in 2012 and 2015 respectively, hitting Australian shores with House vs Hurricane in 2012 and Soundwave Festival in 2013.

Not much has been revealed about the band’s follow up to “Brainwashed” as of yet, however their website features a timer counting down to September 12th. It isn’t much of a stretch to expect some album or tour news soon!

Check out the video for Civil Isolation below!