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Slim Jimz Prove Their Sonic Prowess with Recent Single, ‘Now You’re Gone’

Sydney indie-five piece Slim Jimz have just revealed their absolute vibe-filled new single, Now You’re Gone. The dynamic new jam follows their previous 2023 single, Enjoy The View.

Marking their inaugural release for 2024, ‘Now You’re Gone’ is a testament to the ongoing evolution and refinement of Slim Jimz musical identity. This latest single showcases the band’s heightened maturity, revealing a profound growth in musicianship and songwriting prowess. Having debuted in 2019, Slim Jimz has diligently cultivated a distinctive sound and a unified artistic vision. This unique musical identity has been artfully expressed through previous releases such as the Sky Turns Blue EP and 2023’s enchanting tracks Enjoy The View and 25, solidifying their place as a dynamic force in the indie music scene.

‘Now You’re Gone’ encapsulates the zenith of Slim Jimz’s artistic evolution so far, serving as a revitalising expression of the sound that has endeared them to fans nationwide.

“Stylistically we wanted to write an emotive song that captured the hardship of reflecting on the ending of a relationship and then choosing to walk away. The process of writing ‘Now You’re Gone in true form, began as a bit of a tangled mess. We seemed to keep writing interesting hooks across different sections and genres that weren’t really connected.

When we jammed the chorus at practice the first time, the attitude of the song instantly formed, however, we just couldn’t figure out how to really make the second half of the song hit hard. We arrived in the studio with a bunch of cool different parts that weren’t so coherently connected, and our producer Jack was pulling his hair out, realising how much work still needed to be done, structurally. He really encouraged us to strip back the song, to just drums at the beginning and for every section to build on the section before it. 

By building the song slowly, it allows the second half of the song to really charge. Sonically, all band members have very different tastes in music that really shine in this song. There’s this mix of funk, heavy bass riffs, a big solo and almost punk vocals on what you’d still call an indie-rock track.”ZEDDIE STRAIGHTLINE, SLIM JIMZ.

With this first single out in the world and more to come, it will be a big year for Slim Jimz. Now You’re Gone is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro