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Sløtface Hit Man With Pie In “Take Me Dancing” Music Video

Slotface Take Me Out Daning

Feeling low energy? You could go for a quick jog, or eat an oat-based muesli bar. Or, you could watch Sløtface’s new Take Me Dancing music video.

Take Me Dancing is a high energy, sugar-sweet track that could be the backing to any classic 90s movie. The song was written in response to Big Star’s seminal track of 1972, Thirteen. Lead Vocalist Haley Shea said she was trying to write a response to the line, won’t you let me walk you home from school?.

“I love that song, but think it portrays a very chaste and old school version of femininity,” Shea says. “All we are trying to say is that it’s OK to let loose and have fun from time to time.”

The music video to Take Me Dancing was directed by band’s guitarist Tor-arne Vikingstad. Vikingstad, like any of us, clearly gets a giggle from throwing stuff at his friends. The video is basically 3 minutes of the band’s drummer Halvard Skeie Wiencke being assaulted by various craft supplies and foods. But it’s great viewing, and the perfect accompaniment to this pop-punk anthem.

The  Scandinavian pop-punk quartet are new on the scene, but making global impact. The release of the Take Me Dancing single follows the band’s acclaimed debut EP, ‘Sponge State’. Prior to the release of ‘Sponge State’, the band chose to change their name from Slutface for censorship reasons in April this year. Nonetheless, the band have continue to receive praise their loud and proud feminist views.

Keep em’ coming, Sløtface