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Slow Cinema Reveal Expressive Self Titled Debut EP

Newcastle/Mulubinba indie-rock outfit Slow Cinema’s eponymous EP is a masterclass exploration of light and shade, featuring five songs ranging from compulsive roots rock ‘n’ roll to introspective balladry. Drawing influences from the Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys whilst showing no negligence to the influential strong riffature that propelled naughties contemporaries, the White Stripes and the Black Keys, it captures the musicianship of a live band in a studio recording.

‘Pouring Rain’ is our first taste of Slow Cinema swagger, harkening back to the raw garage riffs of their 2023 release ‘Sizzler’. The opening track struts with distorted pulses from the rhythm guitar before the gripping chorus opens the floodgates to a wayward lead solo. Nonchalance colours the punchy syllabic vocals, the band pulling away to let a solitary bass line underpin the cold lyrics of the bridge. This momentary reprieve surrenders to the crash of drums and the outfit’s return at full force to wilful backing harmonies and hip-swinging rhythm.

‘Pocket Knife’ follows, as the deceptively jubilant sonics mask the fraught emotional voyage traversed in the verses. Shimmery arpeggiation accompanies messaging touching on the ambivalence and internal turbulence that racks the soul during a challenging breakup. Driven by an uptempo beat and perpetual spiralling melody, singer Tyler Gibbs navigates charged vocal deliveries and wistful ideation. Similarly, ‘Magic Potion’ spins across heavenly skylines with themes of breaking free and escaping reality, with the airy refrain of “fly away”, sending listeners upward, enveloped in the gauzy composition.

Arguably the most lyrically rich offering of the EP, ‘747’ details a whirl-wind love affair, slipping into a woozy dreamscape of romantic intrigue. Ripping guitar tremolo punctures the reverie, coaxing the audience back into the thrashing trance of the chorus one last time.

Bookending the EP, ‘Blessings’ tames the pace, reeling us in for a final slow dance to see the band out. Supported by an angelic choir of backup singers, Gibbs unearths the aching confession, “Loving you is like treason”, and leads the audience to yearn with him.

Slow Cinema’s self-titled EP showcases their versatility, harnessing breakneck raging rock offerings, delicate poetry and infectious indie anthems within a five-track span. With vivid lyricism and the band’s clear mastery of instrumentation lending compelling emotional highs and lows, Slow Cinema’s release begs relistens and fervently beckons fans to the dancefloor of their next live show.

Written by John Zebra