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Slow Down Molasses’ New Track Set To Take You To High Places


Gather round stoner rock enthusiasts for Slow Down Molasses have granted us a killer new single Levitation Sickness with the release of their new studio album ‘100% Happiness’.

Levitation Sickness is a contemporary-meets-90s rock track sure to please anyone looking for an alternative to the indie-pop dominated music scene. This one’s all about the music, with a strong drum beat and generous use of the electric guitar. It’s even got a quintessential amp distort to end the track.

‘100% Happiness’ was released 2nd September and follows on from previous album ‘Burnt Black Cars’. In the band’s own words the new album “forges new sonic territory for the band while retaining their unique hybrid of ’90s Anglophilia and contemporary Canadian rock.”

This sonic influence is clearly heard in the first single from ‘100% Sunshine’, which merges contemporary electrics with the band’s classic rock sound.

This Canadian five piece band been on the block for a while, having released their first album ‘I’m An Old Believer’ in 2008. They are renowned as a euphoric live experience and played the new album for the first time live at the End Of The Road Festival in England.

Slow Down Molasses just just about to finish up touring Europe and bring their euphoria back home to Canada for the final leg of their international tour.

Check out the new track below!