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SOMNIUM Takes Us To The Afterlife With ‘What Would You Be When You Die’

Adelaide-based alternative/pych outfit, SOMNIUM is back with another trip of a single, What Would You Be When You Die. The new tune follow on from their previous release, Truth Set Me Free.

As per their previous releases, What Would You Be When You Die carries a particular sound that can only be described as hypnotic. Featuring a wall of sound, this one is for the psychedelic purists. Fuzzy bass, experimental guitar work and head-spinning vocals. Exploring the idea of reincarnation, it’s a swirling haze looking inwards. I mean the idea of coming back as a singing Kangaroo is actually quite appealing.

‘What Would You Be When You Die?’ is a witty delve into reincarnation and the afterlife. The lyrical themes ponder philosophical questions and satirical potentials of the unknown. All this tied in with strong fuzzy riffage, bombastic thunder drums and eerie melodic vocals combust to form a down-tuned and driving prog-rock song.” – SOMNIUM

What Would You Be When You Die takes the listener into a world of the unknown, it’s catchy, groovy and fucking cool. I really dig this one and I think you will too. It’s available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro