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Sophisticated Dingo Return With The Fast Paced New Single, ‘Morning View’

Melbourne indie rockers, Sophisticated Dingo, have revealed their slapping new single, Morning View. The new single comes fresh off their headline tour and follows on from their last single, Feeding Time.

Morning View starts atmospheric but quickly jumps into a fast-paced, high-energy jam. This one absolutely slaps from start to finish. Loud guitars, hard-hitting drum work and a fuzzed-out vocal delivery, make this one shine. With all that energy behind the track, it holds a little message about the importance of keeping a clear head in sticky situations.

“Morning View is about holding off speaking rashly in the moment and instead allowing clearer heads to prevail later.

Sometimes pouring so much of yourself into something can leave you worn out, especially when people around you don’t buy in – ultimately leaving you broken and willing to give up on your ideal path to follow a more compromised one.

This might lead to one last ditch effort to put all your cards on the table and try to convince the other parties to come along with you, but sometimes all you can do is accept that compromise is inevitable and even enjoy going with the flow where you find peace in changing your relationship with your dreams.” – Lew, Sophisticated Dingo.

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The single also comes with an accompanying video; the pair wanted to capture the energy of the single in video form. With the help of video director Rick Clifford, everything fell into place.

“We reached out to Rick with our ideas around making a clip that carries a darker energy than our previous videos, yet also captures the high octane performance of the song, along with a smear of humour that we like to play on with Dingo”, Lewis says.

“The aim for the video clip from our point of view was to capture the sonic energy of the song while also bringing the video to life with a very short turnaround.”

It’s been a big year for the dynamic duo, having ticked off some massive tours and releasing two big-time singles; it’s fair to say Sophisticated Dingo are killing it. Morning View is available now, everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro