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South Summit’s Dream Festival Lineup

Following the release of their new single ‘Tired of Waiting’, we caught up with Western Australia band South Summit to hear their dream festival lineup.

Yet another exciting band emerging from WA, South Summit create instantly catchy heartfelt indie-rock, for fans of Ocean Alley, Spacey Jane & Lime Cordiale. Produced by Dave Parkin (Spacey Jane, Tired Lion) and mixed by William Bowden (Ball Park Music, Carla Geneve), this new track is a further refinement of their flourishing sound. Hidden beneath invigorating lead lines and reverberant guitars are devastatingly haunting lyrics, brought to life by frontman Isaiah Reuben.

Read below to hear who the South Summit boys want on their ideal festival lineup:

Ocean Alley
Because they are probably our favourite band at the moment and we were massive fans as we were growing up. They have great energy on stage and play fantastic music.

King Stingray
Our favourite Indigenous band right now, they’re just a great example of what Indigenous artists can achieve. They integrate culture into their music and play great music.


Vanilla Gorilla
Love their music, big energy and a similar sound, we really want to watch them perform.

Our favourite band from New Zealand, they cover all genres, they aren’t pigeon-holed. It would be great to hang out with them in the green room.

Dear Sunday
We are best mates with this local Perth band and we are sharing the same journey right now. They play great music, fun on stage with loads of energy.

Mako Road
One of the first bands we started jamming to in the early days, so we love their music. Their music is easy to listen to and it doesn’t matter where you are.


Best guitar melodies, a robot for a drummer, always in the pocket and the best wigs. We chose Khruangbin because they love to play their music and don’t conform to any of the rules. One of the truly original bands out there at the moment.


Lime Cordiale
Massive inspiration to us, they make the best videos and they look like they would be loads of fun to just hang out with.


Listen to South Summit’s ‘Tired Of Waiting’ out everywhere now, and check out their upcoming national tour dates below- you don’t want to miss out on seeing them live!

Written by Alice Powell