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Spacey Jane Reveal New Single, ‘One Bad Day’

Launching into the dawn of 2024, Spacey Jane unveils their latest radiant single, ‘One Bad Day.’ A celebration of embracing melodramatic moments, the song explores the tendency to let go of valuable opportunities in the chaos of overthinking. It’s a sonic journey that reaches its peak when the volume ascends, and the windows invite in the world, providing an immersive experience that resonates with the essence of letting loose and finding clarity amid the noise.

“The song was written just as we delivered “Here Comes Everybody”. Kon and I caught up in Brisbane between shows and wanted to build on the past six months of collaboration with no real plan in mind – we sat in his studio for a day and voila!  We juggled remote recording between Australia and the USA, where we’ve been working on LP3, and finished it up in Brisbane while on tour. To me it feels like it’s the perfect bookend for this album cycle, it was too late for ‘Here Comes Everybody’ and doesn’t seem to fit in with our next record.  At the same time, we really love the song, we want to see it out in the world and so found it a place in between albums as a way to say thank you to fans and scratch an itch of our own before we start rolling out LP3.” – Caleb Harper, Spacey Jane.

Having amassed an impressive 432 million global streams throughout their discography, Spacey Jane concluded 2023 with a triumphant series of performances at major Australian festivals such as Grapevine Gathering, Rolling Sets, and Changing Tides. This came on the heels of an extensive year spent touring overseas and crafting their highly anticipated third album. The band’s widespread acclaim and international presence mark a significant chapter in their musical journey, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with on the global stage.

As ‘One Bad Day’ makes its debut, Spacey Jane gracefully concludes the chapter on ‘Here Comes Everybody.’ The release of this new single serves as a punctuation mark, signifying the end of one era and teasing the anticipation for what lies ahead.

Written by Chris Lamaro