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Spotify And Tinder Match Up For New Feature


We know the struggles of modern dating. You’re sitting on your couch, it’s a Tuesday night, your phone is probably on 8% because (God-forbid!) you sent three text messages and took a photo today, and it’s an iPhone. While weighing up just how much longer your phone will last, versus the gruelling prospect of actually having to get up and find your charger, your finger comes across a legit 9/10 on Tinder. You read their bio and they seem at least somewhat articulate, use an appropriate amount of emojis, and share some similar interests with you, but before swiping right you hesitate.

What if they have shocking taste in music? What if they don’t appreciate the intricacies of Radiohead’s latest album the way you do?! Well, much like small pox, this fear is about to become a thing of the past! Tinder have teamed up with Spotify to allow users to pick and display their favourite song (an “Anthem”) on their profiles. Gone are the days of only judging people by their looks and recycled quotes in their bio, now you can judge their music taste too!

Seriously though, this is quite a handy little feature. Can you imagine the disaster if you swiped right to a cutie, only to find out two-hours into the conversation that they have every Spice Girls release on vinyl, while you’re fanning out over the latest Frank Ocean record?! Yes, as everyone knows, music taste is the best catalyst to judge someone on. Clearly that relationship could never work out.

Even better, the integration allows all users to be able to view the profile track, even those without Spotify accounts. Those with Spotify accounts can choose to sync them to their Tinder profiles, adding favourite artists and making it easy to see who shares your taste. Hopefully there’s an edit button, otherwise peoples’ guilty pleasures might get aired for all the dating world to see.

Check out the totally realistic Tinder/Spotify promo video below!