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SPOTLIGHT: Gonzo Jones Makes His Dreamy Debut


From the not-too-often mentioned Cape Liptrap, a suburb that’s almost as south as the state of Victoria goes; Gonzo Jones has made his enigmatic debut. Courtesy of Good Manners Records, the self-proclaimed future superstar has released his first ever single, Misty Dreams.

Gonzo Jones’ guitar-based, dream-pop single offers an echo-y, airy, fleeting insight into the eclectic musicians life. Misty Dreams is a rich vein of laidback, slacker guitar strums and hypnotic harmonies, which sprawl throughout the track.

Jones’ track gives off a retro-inspired familiarity similar to the likes of Mac Demarco, Alex Calder and Summer Heart. The track lives up to it’s namesake, it’s hazy, bright, and sounds blurry like it were a semi-remembered dream.

The debut EP from Gonzo Jones could potentially shed some light on his purposely obfuscated character, and determine whether ‘future superstar’ status is something that continues to be self-proclaimed or not. For now, the clouded, meticulous sounds of Misty Dreams means that Gonzo Jones is someone to look out for.