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SPOTLIGHT: Lonely The Brave Unveil First Taste Of Sophomore Album


Currently working on the follow-up to 2014’s ‘The Day’s Way’ with Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A, Drenge). 5-piece UK alt-rock outfit Lonely The Brave have offered up a first taste of their forthcoming sophomore album.

The guitar-driven track simply sounds epic. It’s dreamy production and soothing vocals provide the perfect contrast to the band’s signature distortion-drenched rhythm and melodic guitar parts.

Black Mire is a brooding track with plenty of intricate elements and progressive sounds. The band’s guitarist Mark Trotter said, “I really wanted the whole thing to sound like some kind of gigantic billowing machine; industrial, bleak, thick and almost suffocating through the choruses.”

“It’s fair to say when the music for this track was first written we were in a pretty dark place mentally, which I guess is reflected in the weight of the music; but as always seems to be the way with our tracks, there are glimmers of light, too. Not a lot, granted, but it’s there,” Trotter said.

Accompanied with a stripped down video, which sees frontman David Jakes, who’s normally in the background, the centre of attention in a dark and intense performance. It’s simply an astonishing, captivating and peaceful video that does everything to raise the emphasis on an already epic track.

Lonely The Brave are set to release their highly anticipated second album later this year.