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SPOTLIGHT: Savoir Adore Drops Giant Pop Anthem

Savoir Adore

If you’re in need of a new indie-pop anthem, some pounding drums, or just a song that’ll turn your frown upside down then look no further than Savoir Adore’s latest single Giants.

The French phrase for “to know love” is the moniker of Brooklyn-based project led by Paul Hammer. Known for creating “magical dream worlds and vivid musical landscapes”, the project’s latest release has all the hallmarks of an instant indie-pop winner. There’s plenty of airy backing vocals, fantastic booming percussion breaks, absorbing thick synthesisers, overdriven guitar licks, and a chorus melody that’ll get stuck in your head and “never quit, not even just little bit”. Think Passion Pit collides with The Temper Trap and then mixed by Grouplove.

Hammer says Giants is a song “about transcending your physical self, letting go of all your insecurities, and finding strength in your true identity”.

“When we were in Brazil in 2014 I learned the phrase ‘Saudades’, which describes a deep longing for someone or something as an almost physical entity. The idea of love as a supernatural, physical thing was a very interesting and inspiring idea to me”, said Hammer.

After two years of writing and recording Savoir Adore are returning to the scene with a new collection of songs that form their upcoming album ‘The Love That Remains’.

“The album [is about] rediscovering love, in every way, finding it again in the world, with someone else, and with yourself. Our last record was the story of two, [so] I found it fitting and necessary to write [the new album] from a very personal, singular perspective,” said Hammer.

Savoir Adore’s new albumThe Love That Remains’ is set for release on Friday 12th of August.