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Stacey Ann Reveals Uplifting New Single, ‘Ripples’ + Announces Debut EP

Indie-pop artist Stacey Ann has today announced the release of her debut EP, A Change In The Wind, which is set for release on March 14th. Alongside the announcement comes the exciting release of her high-spirited single, Ripples.

Offering a tantalising glimpse into the sonic tapestry of her forthcoming debut EP, Stacey Ann skillfully navigates the intersection of nostalgic vintage tones and modern alt-pop in her radiant single Ripples. This sunny and uplifting track is a testament to the profound influence of cultivating a circle of supportive friends. Inspired by the transformative power of positive relationships, Stacey Ann’s musical narrative underscores the significance of nurturing those bonds that radiate love and unconditional support.

“I was inspired to write this song by the people around me who made me see how important it is to surround yourself with positive people and how when this happens, it creates ripple effects in other areas of your life, too.” – Stacey Ann.  

As Ripples dances to a close, Stacey Ann leaves listeners bathed in the warmth of her uplifting melody, a promising preview of the soulful journey awaiting them on her debut EP, A Change In The Wind.

Ripples is available now, while her debut EP, A Change In The Wind, is available March 14th.

Pre-Save Debut EP ‘A Change In The Wind’ Here

Written by Chris Lamaro