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Stalking Gia Drops Seductively Dreamy New Single

Stalking Gia Second Nature

Electro-pop princess Stalking Gia is back and she’s sounding as gorgeous as ever with her latest single Second Nature. Her fresh track is full of sugar and spice, and love woes that girls (and guys) everywhere can relate to.

Hailing from across the pond, the New York City chick hasn’t been on the scene for long but she’s quickly making her mark worldwide. Second Nature is her third release, following pop-bangers War Paint in 2014 and Born Free in 2015.

In the year since her previous release, Stalking Gia has evolved her style to become a little softer and a lot more cutesy, suiting her voice perfectly. We can just imagine her writing the piece while looking longingly out of her window on a rainy Brooklyn day.

The vocals in this song are the standout. Breathy, soft, and innocent, they give us the vibe of a young Britney Spears (in a good way!). Her voice is layered with octave melodies in the chorus, delivering an echoey effect that’s mesmerising to hear.

The gentle synthesised drum beat and funky bass lines are the perfect backing to the vocal sensation, and take the song out of ‘bubblegum pop’ territory and into ‘eccentric indie-pop land’.

“[Second Nature is] about those moments when overthinking gets the better of you, and you feel like you can’t fully surrender yourself to another person,” said Gia. We can hear girls (and guys) everywhere sighing with empathy.

Stalking Gia’s new track Second Nature a listen below!