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Staples Reveal Indie Anthem, ‘Unjust Jeans (And Guillotines)

Meanjin/Brisbane alt-rockers, Staples have today revealed their addictive new single, Unjust Jeans (And Guillotines). The catchy new single follows on from their previous 2022 single, Optimist.

Unjust Jeans (And Guillotines) is the ideal modern-day indie jam with a tip of the nostalgic hat to some classic sounds and vibes. Honestly, since I first listened to this one it’s been stuck in my head, it’s catchy, it’s fun and it slaps.

“Blending driving post-punk basslines, glistening synths and nostalgic jangle-rock guitars, “Unjust Jeans (and Guillotines)” explores the bleak reality of worker exploitation and corporate greed under late-stage capitalism, while encouraging solidarity and hope within the hopelessness.” – Staples.

If this new single is anything to go by we know that their forthcoming EP is going to be epic. Unjust Jeans (And Guillotines) is available now, everywhere. While their sophomore EP is available, Nov 18th.