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Star Wars Q & A: Warren ‘Waz’ Hunter from Deep Street Soul

Deep Soul Street

Funk 7-piece Deep Street Soul are on a mission to inject soul into the mainstream. We dealt bassist Warren “Waz” Hunter a few Star Wars-related questions  and found out about their latest album ‘Come Alive’.

If you had to be trained by one Jedi, who would you choose?

Gotta be OB1, not the younger version though, the older version. He gave Luke a light sabre and let him use it the first time they met – straight to the good stuff!

What would be your go to weapon? Is the Light Sabre too obvious a choice?

Seriously? Light Sabre all the time, everytime!

Would you rather say everything backwards like Yoda for a year, or listen to Jar Jar Binks for an entire week?

Yoda all the way! Jar Jar Binks single-handedly nearly ruined the whole Star Wars franchise off his own back. What was George Lucas thinking?

Given the choice to design your own Star Wars-related alien, what would it look like?

I always thought those guys in the band where Luke and OB1 met Han Solo were a missed opportunity.

Which band member would become an evil Sith Lord and try and take over the Galaxy?

Mitch Power has a bit of the Count Duko about him. The beard, the black outfits and he moonlights as a country singer – say no more.

Who is the funkiest, most soulful Star Wars character according to Deep Street Soul?

Lando Calrissian! That voice, that charm! I even heard that he and Carrie Fischer got completely stoned before they shot the cloud city scenes.

For the uninitiated, how do you describe Deep Street Souls sound and live shows?

It’s freight train gutter-funk. Live, its raucous and unhinged, but still tighter than tight. Mighty May Johnson is a old skool diva in every sense of the word – she owns the stage!

Were loving Souls Come Alive, whats the story behind the song?

May was going through a tough time when we wrote that song. The song was basically completed in one session. All the best songs are done like that.

Your new album Come Alivehas just launched, what makes this release stand out from your other works?

Where do you start?! I think the fact that we finally had a settled lineup (for the first time ever) who all contributed to the writing of the album makes it a much more cohesive album. Everything has its place and the songs benefit greatly as a result. From a production viewpoint, I stopped trying to make the record sound like a late 60s record and just let it sound like us – surprise, surprise, it made the record sound a whole heap better.

Lastly, what are three things people should know about your new album Come Alive!?

  1. It’s got funk!
  2. Its got soul!
  3. Its got heart!