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Stefan West Reveals His Heart-Warming New Single, ‘Happily Ever After’

Today, Geelong artist Stefan West has revealed his loved-up single, Happily Ever After. The endearing track follows his previous release, Take What You Need and is the second instalment of his forthcoming debut album, Cambridge.

A gentle but bright track, Happily Ever After carries a vibe that instantly sucks the listener in with its warming harmonies,  brushing drums, and Stefan’s stirring vocal delivery. The song softly builds into a robust pace with its big ballad crescendo. The track covers the theme of finding true love and the emotions of imagining a future within that love.

The track has an interesting back story, written during some good times with pals; Stefan knew he was onto something when he realised he couldn’t stop playing the track in a home jam session.

“The lyrics and chord progression were written in my home studio just off Cambridge street in Caulfield north. I used to spend Sunday afternoons as kind of cocoon writing days because I was alone, my girlfriend at the time would teach Pilates at a studio that we both taught at in Balaclava, I remember her walking in the afternoon I had this concept because it felt like everything slowed down, and the space was filled with complete clarity. 

Schembri and I hung out a bunch together at the studio in which this was recorded. The first time we ever played it together was back in 2019 on two acoustic guitars in the smoker’s room out the back. Two, two seater couches facing each other filled the entire room (yes, very small). I was sitting on the armrest in one corner and he was sitting on the same couch on other side, there must have been six people in this tiny room. We played this song over and over again, I remember the room being filled with smoke (I didn’t smoke anymore so it was quite hard to breathe) but we kept playing, I didn’t want to stop. The piano that you hear at the start was originally a guitar riff. To me, it added the emotion that I felt the lyrics were conveying. I could have played it all night, or at least till I lost my voice from second hand smoke inhalation hahaha.

12 months later, we demo’d it during covid to be the first complete track of the album.” – Stefan West.

A genuinely heart-warming track, Stefan has shown songwriting maturity beyond his years; Happily Ever After is a testament to his profound talent. It’s available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro