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Stieble Eltron Unveils Interstellar Groove with “You Are My Customer” and Its Otherworldly Visuals

In a cosmic collision of sound and vision, interstellar pop luminary Stieble Eltron makes a triumphant return from the distant future with his latest single and accompanying visual odyssey, You Are My Customer. Marking a trans-temporal leap from the year 2099 to our humble Holocene era, Eltron brings forth a mesmerising blend of indie dance vibes and ethereal melodies that transcend the boundaries of time and space.

At the heart of You Are My Customer lies a pulsating rhythm that propels listeners into an intergalactic groove, while Eltron’s celestial vocals envelop them in a soothing embrace. The track’s magnetic allure is further amplified by its poignant lyrics, weaving a tale of cosmic connection and universal longing.

Accompanying this sonic voyage is a visual masterpiece that defies earthly conventions. Through mesmerising animation, viewers are transported to realms unknown, where celestial bodies dance in harmony to the intoxicating rhythms of Eltron’s music. Each frame is a tableau of wonder, inviting audiences to immerse themselves in a universe both familiar and alien.

Ω Note: text translated to primeval English using cheap drone labour

“It has been a tumultuous year* of hardship at Stieble Industries. They are under scrutiny after several scandals and harsh criticism by competitor Muskle Elon of Testicla.ø in response, the company has opted to create a smash hit; You Are My Customer which is projected by analysts to win back the hearts, lytherium and wallets of their loyal customer base.  

Written by the founder of Stieble Industries, this corporate anthem was made to inspire trust, authenticity and a sense of carnal connection with consumers. Inspired by no one, and motivated by wealth, Stieble Eltron has meticulously crafted an iconic love song that penetrates the listener’s brainstem and intimately coaxes them to buy his products.

Through uplifting throbbing of synths and brainwas hypnotising hooks, the song becomes an irresistible call to action- embedding itself in the collective consciousness of the audience, inspiring loyalty and driving sales. As the music bursts through the stratosphere of the mind, it becomes more than just a song; it becomes a symbol of that enduring bond between company and consumer, forged through shared values and the quantum standard of consumerism. – Stieble Industries.” 

*One year on planet Titanicus = 0.744 Earth years

ø Muskle purportedly bleeted on x (formerly known as Sheepler) that “Stieble Industries is run by children who don’t know how to meme as hard as me”

With You Are My Customer, Stieble Eltron proves himself not just a purveyor of music, but a harbinger of transcendence. As his interstellar journey unfolds, we are reminded of the boundless power of art to bridge the gaps between worlds and unite us in shared experience. So, buckle up and prepare for a cosmic ride unlike any other, as Stieble Eltron takes us on a voyage through time, space, and the depths of our collective imagination. The single is slated for release tomorrow  but you can listen right here exclusively today!

Written by John Zebra