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Stones Corner Club Get Cheeky With Debut Single + Infomercial “Betty’s Back”

stones corner club

New Brisbane-based collective Stones Corner Club have released their cheeky debut single and music video Betty’s Back.

Stones Corner Club is a creative online space, with the aim of collaborating with all kind of musos and artists. Led by musician, producer, and recording engineer Scott Gellatly, the project hopes to utilise each individuals’ unique skills and talents to enhance musical endeavours, share ideas, and promote their creative services.

Betty’s Back is a tongue-in-cheek song that talks in detail about the backside of Betty, with music that’s reminiscent of vintage Beck or sad Josh Pyke. The accompanying video clip is just as cheeky, featuring a collection of fake infomercials selling a spray that can make ANYTHING smell great! The video also has features an underlying commentary on the American political situation.

Check out the weird and wacky music video for Betty’s Back below!