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Strangely Enough Makes Living, Breathing Music With Debut Single, ‘Change’

2017 has been an impressively large year for brand new artists. Another to add to the list is the impressive talent of Brisbane’s Strangely Enough. His debut single, Change, is a powerful shape-shifter that extends far beyond his own cultural context.

Strangely Enough is the moniker for Greg Olley who combines a wall of noise rock and art-pop into a dynamic mesh of energetic and explosive sound, colour and expression. Change does as its tile intends—it’s a blistering four minutes of movement and alteration within its own confines. Olley manages to breaks boundaries multiple times during the course of the track while still following a scoped out path of pop and electronic possibilities. Strangely Enough is Australia’s answer to Django Django.

Olley describes the track as a living and breathing entity that can take several states of passiveness depending on the lisenter, their surroundings, the device they’re listening on, among other reasons.

“‘Change’ is about the feeling that we’re in the process of stepping out of the past and into the future, as bright or as bleak as that may be,” Olley quips.

Recorded at Olley’s home studio, Change then found its feet in Aisle 6 with Cody McWaters and Brendan Anthony. With these two musical masterminds behind the helm, Olley believed their mixes kept the true intention to Strangely Enough’s effervescent musical approach, while also shining new light in terms of its production.

Strangely Enough will launch Change later this month at Brisbane’s Flamin’ Galah with Faux Bandit. Tickets are available on the door so first in best dressed. Scope the show details below along with the stream of his impressive debut, Change.

Strangely Enough Live Dates

Flamin’ Galah, Brisbane

Written by Jake Wilton