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Stray From The Path Unleash Scathing Single Attacking The US Election


New York natives Stray From The Path have weighed in on the 2016 US election by dropping their scathing new single The House Always Wins. The tune takes a massive swing at the US political system and the self-serving interests of the American government. Regardless of Trump winning the lose-lose election, it’s abundantly clear Stray From The Path believe “we’re all f*cked no matter who we choose”.

The song is simply brutal AF. Thrash drums and the dissonant riff along with Drew York’s piercing, almost rap, lyrical delivery immediately riles up all those feels you’ve got against politicians…it’s Killing In The Name for those bored of the 1991 immortal sonic middle-finger.

The squeals of Tom Williams’ guitar heightens the sense of helplessness and sense of confusion and anger at American politics. The screamed-rap style of Drew York is aggressive as always and encapsulates the voice of millions worldwide who are disgusted the man behind the Berlin Wall 2.0 is now in charge of the most powerful country in the world, “Burn the ballots sweep em under the rug/Who’s your leader? Trick question/none of the above”.

Upon first glance the music video is full of aggressive finger pointing and cartoonish depictions of Trump and Clinton. However, on closer inspection the video is scattered with subliminal images that are truly horrifying.

Footage of JFK’s assassination is simply the planting of the seed. The video quickly escalates to hints that the 2016 election is along the same level of disaster as 9/11, before adding a quick flashing TV swapping Trump’s face to Hitler.

Williams’ says Stray From The Path are so frustrated by political discourse that they couldn’t wait to finally unleash their views in the new song.

“It almost seems that this election was begging for us to take a swing at it. We watched Trump bid for the Republican candidacy against people like Cruz and Christie…we watched Hillary actually steal the Democratic candidacy from a guy who was drawing millions of people around the country and funding his campaign off of millions of donations, while Hillary was drawing crowds of less people than Stray can draw at a random show in Tennessee?” says Williams’.

Stray From The Path has always been an voice of our frustrations in regards to the wrong doings in the world, and The House Always Wins is no different. With much of the world uncertain of how much damage Trump will actually cause, the new single is the perfect sonic outlet to escape the fear or just an excuse to release the pent up anger and disappointment of Bernie Sanders not being prez.

Stray From The Path will return to the studio in February 2017 with sought after producer Will Putney (Northlane, The Amity Affliction, Thy Art Is Murder) and will no doubt hit Australian shores in the new year.

Check out the brutal AF single and music video below!

Written by Sam Muggleton