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‘Straya Q & A: Kim Churchill

Kim Churchill

Kim Churchill is by far one of the most gifted acoustic guitarists touring in Australia at the present moment. He’s internationally renowned for his dynamic live performances which focus on his deft guitar-work while simultaneously playing bass drum, percussion, tambourine, harmonica, and vocals – yeah he’s kind of amazing! We threw the surfy-chic troubadour a few questions about some Australia-isms and how he perceives the development of his music.

You’ve called many places across Australia home – born in Canberra, growing up in Merimbula, you’ve even found yourself constantly coming back to a spare room at the Maitland Junction. But is there anywhere in Australia you can call definitively home?

The whole bloody place I reckon (winky face). I spend so much time overseas the only real time I use the words ‘going home’ is if I’m flying back here.

What’s your favourite Aussie surf spot?

Wowsers, hard hitting question right off the top! Um…. Middle Beach. Far South Coast. Gets the NE swell, but offshore in the NE winds. Crazy. Always a beautiful big wedge A frame and wind the wind situ is a miracle. Never many folks there and its a beautiful national park.

Is there a certain kind of surf board you prefer?

Nah they’re all fun in deferent moods. I like old chunky things a lot though. Garage sale bargains. Just always have a unique interesting feel. Only boards that I don’t really dig are the super priced up surf shop ones that all sit there in a line looking slick and lifeless, they’re probably good but…

You played a killer cover of Sticky Fingers Just for You last year, are there any other Australian musicians you’ve got an eye on or any old greats you think influence your work?

There is a lot of brilliant music coming from Oz right now. I’m sitting here listening to the new Matt Corby album. Moving onto DMA’s next. Excited for Boo Seeka, SAFIA, and Melody Pool albums too!

You’re playing with Missy Higgins at The Peninsula Picnic at Mornington Peninsula this weekend, can you tell what you would pack on a perfect picnic date?

King Island Cheeses. Heaps of them (presuming I’m hypothetically rich though…). Red Wine and a few cold Little Creatures beers. A bluetooth speaker. Paints and a large body of water people can swim in. the ocean works nicely. Picnics should involve swimming, art, alcohol and cheese, in my opinion…

Where would the perfect place for that picnic be?

Waterfall, swimming hole, or the ocean. Again as I feel swimming is a must. Lady’s Well north west of Newcastle is beautiful. Mumbulla Falls on the South Soast. Or maybe even Aragunna – Amazing beach! 

Sausage on bread or steak in a bread roll?

Sausage on bread. Because steak is so much easier to accidentally make chewy and then your ripping your roll apart trying to bite off the bit of steak and the whole thing becomes a disaster of sauce, smushed bread and a very confident (complete) looking piece of steak saying “don’t f*ck with me!”.

There’s been talk about a new album from you this year, can you confirm and give any details?

Yep. Its nearly done. Mid year I reckon. Single to come first, naturally. Can’t wait to share! Been a super fun process.

After ‘Silence/Win’s’ incredible success, do you think you’ll move in a different musical direction from what you did there, or will you stick close to what you know works?

I don’t feel there’s much point to a life sticking close to what you know. It’s a fair evolution but similarly I feel I was onto something with ‘Silence/Win’ and this new album is really just a few more steps towards that something.

Looking back over your catalogue from ‘With Sword And Shield’ through to ‘Silence/Win’ have you noticed a defining direction or maturity-over-time in your work?

Nope – I reckon I was more mature six years ago. I just blunder on through my different passions and fads and let the music reflect that journey. I think I’m happier to be honest about how I’m feeling and expressing myself clearly these days. Out of that early adulthood uncertainty. I’ll even get changed in the car park at the beach these days! I feel like my Dad…

Check out Kim Churchill’s upcoming live dates below!


Peninsula Picnic 

The Mornington Peninsula, VIC
Get Tickets HERE

Bluesfest 2016
THURS 24th March – MON 28th March
Tyagarah Tea Tree Farm, NSW
Get Tickets HERE