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Streets of Laredo Get Layered On “Silly Bones”


Brooklyn-based New Zealanders Streets of Laredo have dropped their latest offering Silly Bones, showing that laid back, cruising alt-rock isn’t restricted to Mac Demarco or Kurt Vile.

The track is built around a steady repeating guitar chord that chimes throughout large parts of the song. Around this, synthesisers, brass, other guitar lines and smooth vocals cut through to create a lot of texture. The vocal lines from frontman Daniel Gibson reflect something laid back, like Angus Stone, Mark Foster or even Kevin Parker, and he is complimented by his band mate’s smooth backing harmonies.

The fun layers of sound that come from the intstrumentation of the song mean that you’re never left feeling like any section has overstayed its welcome. You’re treated to bongos, hand claps, synths and trumpets, each weaving in and out of the track at various times.

Silly Bones is a taste of the band’s freshly minted sophomore album that’s found it’s way to the mixing desk in front of John Agnello, who has previously worked on material from Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr.

The six-piece moved from New Zealand to New York in 2012, working on their creative projects in their Brooklyn neighbourhood. Since then, they’ve toured with Albert Hammond Jr. and the Kaiser Chiefs, as well as producing their two studio albums.

Written by Max Higgins