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Submerge Yourself In FLAMINGO’s Anthem For Asylum Seekers


Adelaide electro-indie-pop outfit FLAMINGO have released their rather politically-pointed track At Sea, just in time for the upcoming election. The song is a soft-spoken yet powerful statement about asylum seekers, combining an important message with swirling synthesisers and pleasing guitar riffs. In a poignant artistic statement, the track layers form a musical representation of a drifting ocean current.

Frontman Kacee Heidt’s Passenger-esque vocals make for a sympathetic take on a disastrous situation. The chorus deals with the living conditions of ocean travelling asylum seekers in an interestingly satirical manner with the words, “Families at sea, what a lovely place to be.” Ultimately, the track is a plea for those who oppose asylum seekers to remember their humanity.

This message combined with luscious musical ambience results in a wholly significant track, and one that FLAMINGO can definitely be proud of. Its calming nature is a welcome voice in the asylum seeker debate -rather than becoming a political tool or entrenched in cruelty and name calling, At Sea provides a considered and heartfelt take on the matter.

Heidt said the band wrote the song out of empathy for asylum seekers experiencing the struggle of “leaving your home and everything you have ever known to travel to the other side of the world in search of a life free from tyranny and devastation with nothing but your family and the clothes on your back.”

“This is one of the hardest things a person can possibly go through and something most Australian’s couldn’t possibly imagine,” he said.

FLAMINGO are embarking on a tour to celebrate the release in August, with special guests yet to be announced – check out the details below!

FLAMINGO ‘At Sea’ Tour

Workers Club, Melbourne
Jive, Adelaide
Plan B, Sydney