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Sunny Luwe Reveals New Single, ‘I Got A Thing For You’ + Announces Debut Album

Prepare to be enchanted by the musical journey of Gold Coast-based First Nations artist, Sunny Luwe, who was formerly known as Dani Teveluwe. Set to make her mark, Sunny Luwe unveils her debut album, Flowers In The Sky, ready to captivate audiences on October 11. As a mesmerizing prelude to the album’s release, she entices listeners with her sensual and captivating single, I Got A Thing For You, complemented by an alluring music video that reveals her sexier side in an artistic display of creativity and allure.

As the highly-anticipated album release approaches, Sunny Luwe boldly ventures into uncharted musical territory with her latest offering, I Got A Thing For You. Embracing a completely new sound, this captivating single showcases the artist’s seductive and sophisticated essence, gracefully redefining the boundaries of pop soul.

‘I Got A Thing For You’ is inspired by my favourite Nancy Sinatra track.  Last year I got obsessed with music from the 60s and 70s and Nancy appeared in my discovery weekly. This sexy, flirty track of hers, ‘Kind of a Woman’ came on and I was hooked from the get-go.”  – Sunny Luwe.

Enveloped in an aura of captivating allure, Sunny Luwe enchants her audience with a visually mesmerizing music video, where she effortlessly exudes her entrancing charm. Joined by an ensemble of Queensland’s most talented dancers and performers, the video becomes a scintillating showcase of artistry. As a testament to her fearlessness and versatility, Sunny Luwe’s collaboration with a pole dancing champion adds an extra layer of grace and power to the visual narrative, leaving no doubt about her ability to embody the epitome of boss energy.

Sunny Luwe’s highly anticipated debut album, ‘Flowers In The Sky,’ is set to make a grand entrance on October 11, signifying a significant milestone in her musical journey. Boasting ten exquisitely crafted tracks, the album becomes a joyous celebration of life and the heartfelt realization of Sunny Luwe’s most cherished dream.

“‘Flowers in the Sky’ is a dream come true. It might be strange to hear, but once upon a time, I believed I could never make an album. I thought it was an unobtainable fantasy, but now it’s real!”  – Sunny Luwe.

I Got A Thing For You is available now, everywhere. Sunny’s debut album, Flowers In The Sky is set for release, October 11.

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Written by John Zebra