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Super Ghost Continue The Rise With New Single, ‘Complacent’

Bridging genres with finesse, the captivating trio Super Ghost retakes the spotlight with their newest offering, ‘Complacent’. This track, the third in their 2023 repertoire, follows the trailblazing success of ‘Friendless’ and ‘Don’t Talk About It’, presenting an introspective expedition that firmly cements Super Ghost’s unique and captivating musical identity.

Masterfully merging niche genres such as Midwest emo and approachable indie rock, the band skillfully shapes a polished and emotionally profound auditory experience. Guiding their sound through the intricate labyrinth of emotions tied to complacency, their latest single prompts introspection, urging listeners to contemplate instances where comfort zones hinder the pursuit of a more enriching existence.

Laced with poignant nuances, the vibrant melody draws from the pages of Alexander Shoesmith’s narrative—a tale of departing from a static job, unravelling the internal conflict entwined with transformation and advancement. Appropriately, Shoesmith claims the lead vocals for this composition, unveiling his velvety, earthy vocal timbre that beautifully harmonises with the intricate melodies woven throughout the piece.

“Complacent is a heartfelt reflection on those moments in life when we find ourselves stuck in the comfort of the familiar, even if it’s far from fulfilling. This song allowed me to express the mixed emotions of nostalgia and regret while also igniting a spark of hope for a better future.” – Alexander Shoesmith.

Inscribing their mark with captivating narratives and harmonious musical synthesis, Super Ghost persists in chiselling their distinct style within the tapestry of indie rock. The impending release of ‘Complacent’ stands poised to add another potent layer to their burgeoning discography, solidifying their position as creators of resonating musical experiences.

Complacent is available now everywhere.


Written by Chris Lamaro