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Super Ghost Return With The New Single, ‘Dont’ Talk About It’

Gold Coast/Yugambeh indie rock trio Super Ghost have entered 2023 with their dynamic new single, Don’t Talk About It. It follows on from their well-received 2022 single, The Falling Downs.

Featuring a wide range of sound, Don’t’ Talk About It sees Super Ghost at their best; from fun twangy guitar work to an orchestral display of horns, the new single is almost genre-less as it moves through multiple levels of emotion. The track tells a story of those difficult times in a relationship where the spark has dissipated; however, it’s easier to avoid the issues and pretend things are moving along just fine.

‘Don’t Talk About It’ is simply about the demise of a relationship where you can’t address fundamental issues or infidelity. When there are suspicions of wrongdoing, whether actual or not, there can be an uncomfortable pressure in the relationship where you feel dread and guilt whilst your partner is unknowing.

“[The song] encapsulates the realisation that a relationship is over, but grapples with the need to make it work and the feelings of worthlessness and guilt that come with being unable to address these issues and wrongdoings.” –  Super Ghost.

A fantastic return to form for the band, this new track highlights their ability to create beautiful music for any listener. Don’t Talk About It is available now everywhere.

Written by Chris Lamaro