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Super Hero Q & A: Pacific Heights

Pacific Heights

What would be your super power?

To be able to read dreams.

What’s your tragic backstory that made you want to save the world/city?

Lost memories of a past that is happily forgotten. Unable to understand their new child, my parents left me on the steps of a derelict church. A life of roaming and surviving made me see the hidden nature of some peoples struggles. The need to help these people called.

Considering your elite super hero status, which laws would you break and why? 

Any that should be broken for common sense and justice to prevail.

Explain to us what your costume would look like, is there lycra? Hidden weapons?

A Chameleon outfit for sure. 

What’s your kryptonite?

Those damn politicians, wouldn’t they be for a lot of people?

What song would be the theme tune every time you saved the day?

Warren G and Nate Dogg, Regulate.


Who was your hero when you were growing up?

My grandfather, a wild and free spirit who lived his life to the fullest alongside being an exceptional jazz musician.

Now, back to yourself. What electronic artists are you currently listening to?

Honne, Jamie Woon, Darkstar, Kelela, Jack Garratt, and many more.

What was the catalyst for leaving Shapeshifter and moving into your own electronic solo project?

A hunger to head in a new direction musically, and to have more time at home.

You’re latest single Airborne ft. Deanne Krieg has hauntingly beautiful qualities with an equally as haunting film clip. What inspired the darkness?

When I wrote this album, life wasn’t too good. A lot of questions about life and death were asked, and it really made sense to me to deal with it within my music.