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Supreme Crafternoon Q & A: PAINT on PAINT


Canberra duo PAINT on PAINT aren’t your normal pop band. One half is Chris Endrey, a well-known comedian and the former host of variety show ‘In Canberra Tonight’, and the other is Hannah Beasley, a highly acclaimed artist. Together they’re “fierce friends doing as they please”, and what they please is making very groovy and likeable indie-pop. We threw the pop-duo some questions about their ultimate crafternoon and the release of their debut album ‘Night Rises’.

Bansky gives you his painting prowess for a day, what do you paint?

Re-paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling with an image of God apologising to everyone with some shame-faced priests shuffling around in the background. But it’s probably worth pointing out that this will definitely happen because Hannah is already Banksy.

You have a sharpie and a passed out mate, besides the obvious, what’s the go to embarrassing face tattoo?

Normally we just write something like “Andy Warhol is my inspiration”. It makes them look like vacuous idiots, plus the ink will gradually give them some form of renal failure. How embarrassing…

In a game of paintball, who cops the point blank nut shot and who dominates the field?

It’s an unfair game with only one pair of testicles in the band. But that’s a small price to pay to avoid a band full of disgusting testicles.

After said game of paintball, how would you create a masterpiece using only paintball guns and paint grenades?

By aiming them at Parliament House and delivering some fabulous improvements to both building and people.

Paint yourself yellow like The Simpsons for the rest of your life or blue like a Smurf? 

Obviously blue. Understudies for Dr Tobias Fünke.

Cut off your own ear like Van Gogh or see the world like Picasso’s paintings?

Van Gogh only cut off a bit of his ear, like a coward. Then again, who the hell would want to see Guernica. Who’s to say the world isn’t like that anyway. Perspective is an active and subjective experience, man. We’re all trapped in our own mindcages. Please send help!

You’ve just released your debut album ‘Night Rises’, are you happy with the final product and its reception?  

Oh thrilled! Albums are complex projects and we’re un-Australian in how proud we are of what we’ve made. We got to do most of it in my suburban house with super producer Dax Liniere, and we learned a huge amount through it all. Our communities have been lovely in reaching out to us with their impressions and we’ve surprisingly been contacted by radio stations and new fans from France, Italy, the UK, America, and even Hungary. Which has been surprising – we’re independent, and assumed that meant nobody would hear the work, but we were picked up by triple j Unearthed for rotation and Rolling Stone Australia gave a positive review of Wine Dark Sea. So who knows what dreams may come…

You held midnight listening parties in several Australian cities for the album’s release, what lead to that decision? 

We wanted to give everyone the perfect chance to enjoy the album and hear it for the first time in the way that we liked best – lying back in the candlelit dark and listening through it in its entirety. It’s deliberately a contoured journey we’ve created, and we were really thrilled by how people really got on board with the idea.

You’re touring in May, what should fans look forward to the most about your live show? 

Treats. Intimacy. Surprise guests. Mandatory, Universal, Singing. Treats again. Do join!

Written by Sam Muggleton