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Surf Life Savers Q & A: Swim Season

Swim Season

Here at AAA Backstage we can’t get enough of Melbourne-based indie-pop darlings Swim Season. Their latest single Gold Cloak City is laced with controlled falsettos, super groovy verses, and an anthematic chorus we’ll hopefully be screaming at a live show sometime soon! We threw the 5-piece some swimming-inspired questions as well as a few about their glorious indie music.

How would you save a man weighing 300kg from drowning in the surf?

Matt: Lets be honest, a man weighing 300KG ain’t gonna drown. That bloke will float for years

Which cast is sexier, Baywatch or Bondi rescue?

James: Do you even have to ask that question? Pamela in her prime, The Hoff… enough said really. Bondi who

Would you save a baby or beautiful person of the opposite sex from a shark attack?

Adam (Manager): If it was me, I’d save the baby. Think about how many more chicks are waiting on the beach for a hero like that…

How would you survive if you were stuck floating in the Atlantic Ocean for two days?

James: Probably try and channel my inner Mick Fanning, assert my dominance with the shark community, and then order them to swim me to shore.

The music video for you single Soldiers is pretty cool, what was the process like to produce it

James: Dan from Head on Media is the mastermind behind it. After telling him we won’t be doing a clip for Soldiers, he said “are you kidding me? Not likely. Come around this arvo I have an idea”.  And that’s how it came about. He filmed me singing in front of a green screen and about two days later we had the clip. I have no idea how he did it.

Soldiers is a killer track which surely is amazing live, what’s the craziest reaction an audience or crowd member has had during a song/show?

James: Well, we recently launched our latest single, Gold Cloak City at The Grace Darling, but we came back on for an encore and played Soldiers. The place went bonkers. Everyone was jumping and moshing around the tiny room upstairs and I swear the floor was close to caving in. If it happens at another gig there in a week or so, then we definitely ‘loosened’ it for them…

Finally, What’s the best part about being an indie-pop band in Melbourne?

James: Hands down the community and comradery. There is no competition. Everyone is in it together. To help each other out, support each other, and most importantly, get excited about what others are doing. It’s a pretty unique world and a shared passion for sure.