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Game That Encourages Players To Kill Aboriginal People Removed After Outrage

survival island 3

A video game that apparently called for players to kill Aboriginal people has been removed from Google Play and iTunes after an online petition collected over 60,000 signatures calling for the game’s immediate removal.

White men armed with bows and arrows are told to “beware of Aborigines” and must shoot or beat Indigenous people to death to survive and earn points, according to a screenshot on the ‘Killing Indigenous Australians is not a game!’ petition.

The game was blasted by reviews in the Google Play store describing it as “horrific and disgustingly racist” and “glorifying genocide”.

Survival Island 3 was removed from app stores following severe backlash and an online petition launched on Friday night.

The online petition calling for the game’s removal was started by Gadigal woman Georgia Mantle, who told the ABC, “What this is doing is making entertainment out of the murder of people based on their race.”

“You [could see] a screenshot of one of the game players which had an Aboriginal man in traditional dress with a bow and arrow being pointed at them from white hands with the words saying ‘beware of Aborigines’.

“Why would you allow an app that is so blatantly racist and promotes racist violence to be hosted on your sites?” said Mantle.

The game “makes fun and sport of massacres” according to the petition as well as violating the terms and conditions for developers on Google Play and Apple.

Mantle said any app store that sold the game was not only promoting racism, but also profiting from it.

Victorian Communications Minister Mitch Fifield, in a statement, said, “I am appalled that anyone would develop such a so-called ‘game’ and that any platform would carry it”.

“I have asked my department to provide advice on the circumstances of its release and to review and advise in relation to any other games by the same developer,” the statement said.